Panel heaters do not necessarily require installation and can be placed almost anywhere in your home or office. As such, they feature a low initial cost. Panel heaters are either provided with feet for free placement or they can be permanently attached to the wall.


Product Code Watt Dimensions (H x W x D)
Electronical panel heater Beta Mini with plug and feet
EPHBEM02P.UK 250 235 x 585 x 85 mm
EPHBEM05P.UK 500 235 x 853 x 85 mm
EPHBEM07P.UK 750 235 x 986 x 85 mm
EPHBEM10P.UK 1000 235 x 1121 x 85 mm
EPHBEM13P.UK 1300 235 x 1523 x 85 mm
Electronical panel heater Beta with plug and feet
EPHBE15P.UK 1500 389 x 1121 x 85 mm
EPHBE20P.UK 2000 389 x 1523 x 85 mm
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